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Summer is coming in hot. Literally! And this can only mean one thing: more time spent outside. And why not? You get fresh air, the kids get to burn away all the energy they’ve been saving up since school shut down, you can go swimming, and get some vitamin D. And you can do all of it all at the same time! What’s not to love??
Did you know the 3 easiest places to see aging take place is at the eyes, the chest, and the backs of hands? An excess of alcohol and sugar tend to be the culprits that cause the eyes to show the effects of aging. But the chest and backs of hands are usually due to lack of care and an excess of sun exposure.
I’m sure you see where I’m going here. You need to wear sunscreen. Not only does it help hide your age, it helps reduce the instance of sunburns and skin cancer. And as someone who has been burnt a few too many times in her life, that benefit alone is enough to make me wear it. My skin has two colors; pasty white and lobster red. It takes about 10 minutes in the sun without protection to make me pink and only a total of 20-30 minutes to burn. And if anyone has ever experienced a burn that makes it painful to walk normally, you understand what I mean. Those who don’t, I don’t ever wish that on you. But I digress. Sun protection is so important. Use sunscreen. Reapply it as necessary.
Sunscreen isn’t the only thing you can do to help your skin during these hot summer months. Keep it hydrated. Yes, you should be drinking water, especially now when it’s all too easy to become dehydrated. But also use a moisturizer. The same one you use on your face is also great to use on your neck and chest. Yes, that means you’ll have to use more of it, but it’s worth it in the long run. Did you ever buy a beautiful leather purse and not know how to care for it? After a while the color fades, scratches show, and it’s not as desirable to view. One of the best things you can do for your purse is apply a conditioner. This keeps the leather supple, and several contain an SPF to keep the colors from fading. The same concept applies to your skin…on your whole body. So drink the water and use a moisturizer. Don’t treat your bag better than you treat yourself.
Bonus tip! If you want to give your skin an extra age-defying boost use a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid based serum with peptides before your moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid can hold about 1000 times its own weight in water which can help plump your skin, making fine lines less easy to see. And the peptides work with your body’s collagen and elastin helping keep a suppleness and bounce to your skin. Use on face, neck, and chest, twice a day.
So what have we learned today? We don’t treat our bags better than we treat ourselves. We accomplish this by drinking plenty of water, using a moisturizer around the eyes, on the chest, and back of the hands, and applying (and reapplying) sunscreen. Take care of your skin this summer. Don’t be an old bag. And have fun!
Amber Dehn, MMT, BCTMB, LE, CA

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