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There’s a lot that can be and has been said about the newness of Spring. It’s a time when the Earth shakes off it’s worn out and used layers to expose the fresh, new growth that has been happening underneath. Most of the time we take a cue from Mother Earth and begin a round of Spring cleaning ourselves. We go through our houses and remove old things that have lost their places in our lives- old furniture, clothes, papers, and, of course, the dust and dirt and mess that accumulates over the course of the colder months.

But what about us? How often do we do a little “spring cleaning” on ourselves? Do we ever really take the opportunity to shed our old, musty layers and move forward with a renewed sense of self and life?

The answer is different for everyone. For some, I would bet it occurs at regular intervals. And for many others, it probably happens very rarely, if at all. For me, it’s been a while. I have allowed myself to be hindered by the constant barrage of problems and situations of life. Always thinking that as soon as I get through whatever life was currently throwing at me that I could move forward and begin coasting. The problem with that mindset, however, is that life will never stop handing out problems to be solved or situations to overcome. What feels like chaos now may actually be coasting, or it could very well be chaos. (Thank goodness I have the kind of support system that is unfailingly faithful in helping me to move forward.) The point is that not only do I need to rid my house of several items that are just taking up space, I need to rid myself of mindsets that are also taking up valuable space. This life is too short to be bogged down by them.

May the newness of this season be your springboard into amazing things.


Amber Dehn, MMT, BCTMB, LE